Alexandre Madureira

Lost in Translation

Solo exhibition 2014, Barcelona.

“Lost in Translation”

If there is anything that can characterise the work of artist Alexandre Madureira, resident in Barcelona, or differentiate itself from the work of others, it resides in his will to steal and appropriate from iconic images and popular culture, superimposing on content and form in order to create his own discourse. As he says himself, his intention is to “mix different things creating something new with a new meaning. We’re not talking about form, but the concept of discovering other essentials”.

“Lost in translation” is a grouping of five provocative and surprising pieces, which move between sculpture and painting, dedicated to the idea of desire. A desire which is framed by our current society, characterized by consumerism, the media and its manipulation, the control of freedom and the present and future of new technology.

Madureira considers us as spectators placed in the mass of a globalized era of communication. It is this global language, which moulds us impregnating us with desires lost in the insatiable. Surrounded by the same music, the same books, films and other stimuli, we are faced by the challenge to provide ourselves with an exclusive and unrepeatable personality. We continue as such, day in day out translating the life which encapsulates our individual condition, our unique sensorial experience which paradoxically loses meaning when faced by the language to which we belong, in this era and of this society.